Those of you non "Minnesotans" who read this will probably think we're crazy. But Bluejay and I love LOVE broomball! When it's winter nearly half the year, you need to have something you can enjoy to do outside. As soon as the weather turns even the slightest bit cool in Autumn, I dust of my broomball shoes and get exited! And there is nothing quite like running around in sub zero temps, wearing ridiculous looking clothing for warmths sake, and slipping on ice looking silly. Who wouldn't love that? The other day I decided to take some pictures of us playing with some dear friends.
There's Bluejay in the red hat. Way to block it babe!
This is my darling friend, Laura. She will be moving to Thailand come summer so this winter is her last. She has a wonderful laugh and a knack for seeing everyday as "the best day of her life" so she is treasuring her last winter for some time! She will be missed!