Christmas Date

Last weekend, Bluejay and I went on one of my favorite dates of the year... a Christmas date! I just love the Christmas season. I love the colors and the lights and I even love the snow! Since it's blizzarding outside (like literally as I type... we're going to get 14-16 inches of snow!) and I'm all cozied up with blankets and gingerbread tea by the Christmas tree, I figured I'd write a personal post about my favorite date ever! It started off like any other year. We planned on going to the Grand Meander in St. Paul. Grand Avenue is one of my favorite streets in the cities because it has so much character and fun stores and great coffee shops so it's even better when it's all decorated for Christmas! The Grand Meander is an annual holiday event featuring a Breakfast with Santa, live reindeer, carolers, trolley rides, a soup tasting, community tree lighting and fabulous holiday shopping! Basically, a dream come true after the fresh few inches of snow that fell the night before! After our pancake breakfast with Santa, we walked down the street and drank hot cider and ate cookies at the various shops. We ran into a a man roasting chestnuts which we so tasty! We made some earrings at one of the shops for gifts.
All of the sudden, Bluejay got a phone call from his college roommate. He said that he had two extra tickets to see A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie Theatre and asked if we want to go! I mean, how was that even a question? Within an hour, we drove home, got all prettied up, and arrived at the theatre. I can only say that the show was AMAZING! It was made even better because we knew two people in the play. The set was fantastic! There is something so magical about seeing live theater. It stirs your soul like even the greatest of movies can not. Like I said, best Christmas date ever!
All photos were taken with my iPhone. I'm glad I have some memento of our Christmas date that just FLEW by!