Danie & Reuben {turtledoves}

Danie is my dear friend as I mentioned here. I have been so thankful and blessed to have such wonderful friends. Being a bridesmaid in this wedding was a treat! And even more fun to be able to photograph images they will treasure for a lifetime! In fact, I actually didn't do that much shooting as Bluejay was the official photographer. This was his first wedding "without" me and he did wonderful! I'm so proud! We also recruited the help of a friend who is an up and coming photographer who I would gladly recommend to any couples if I am already booked on the date of their wedding. This wedding was a party from the beginning to the end. I definitely had tears of joy when Danie walked down the aisle, but the rest of the night was all fun! I am so happy that my darling friend now has such a sweet husband! I am looking forward to many double dates! Especially now that they live only 3 miles away from us!

I LOVE Danie's mom and the Maid of Honor's reaction to seeing her in her gown for the first time.

Look! There's me :)