Have a Holly, Johnson Christmas 2010

One of the perks of being a photographer is having the ability to take photos of whoever, whenever. While it may not be Bluejay's favorite, some of the photos I enjoy taking of us the most are our Christmas photos! Remember last year? I love the fresh snow, and the festive colors! Bluejay isn't a fan of the cold frigid temperatures we had during this shoot, but I'm pretty happy about how they turned out! Again I had to battle with the self-timer and my camera on a tripod. What made it even more difficult this year, was trying to beat the 10 second timer while trudging through snow past my knees! This year we incorporated some of our favorite things: our matching buffalo plaid mittens made from recycled vintage sweaters, and COFFEE! I also painted a old vinyl record with a holiday greeting.

When we got back home and warmed up a bit, we took a few pictures with the tree too.

Bluejay's friend hand-makes pipes and made this one custom for Bluejay. It's so cool!