My wife is the most wonderful bride God could ever have given me! I am hijacking her blog to take a moment to cherish her and to surprise her. The perfect way for me to do this is to show with her love for photography, in that I married a photographer I committed my life to being a photo shoot. I love that we have so many captured memories together! Here are a few of them...

Apart from Jesus, the biggest and best event of my life!
These next couple were during our dating days, I always wonder why she said yes...I made her make funny faces all the time.

I am thankful she forced me to be in the graduation ceremony...I didn't want to.

We got to meet some friends at DisneyLand and had a blast!
Another one of those photo shoots that I got annoyed about prior to shooting, and then felt bad about later because she turned them into a masterpiece as always.

Mindy loved that I got to play baseball so she could where my old jersey and brag about her being engaged and one day being a Johnson.
Our engagement session.

These past two are from our honeymoon to Playa Del was amazing and a blast, what a beauty she is!

Our camping trip our first year being married.
Getting a Christmas tree our first time together.
Our first big purchase together (a car), and Mindy let me try to grow some facial hair...Sorry babe, I can't believe I put you through that.
This was way before we ever started dating (Perfect for each other)
 Miel, you are the sweetest thing I could have ever have received. Thanks so much for all that you have taught me and for continuing to be gracious to me when I am not a very good husband. I love you so much and look forward to (Lord willing) our next 50 years together. You are my best bud and I am thankful I get to serve Jesus by your side for the rest of our lives. You are precious to a lot of people, so I since you are probably crying right now ;) may it be out of joy...LOVES LOVES my little wifi!!!!