Valentine's Day

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against showing your sweetie how much they mean to you on a special day each year. I love chocolate and flowers and little candy hearts. I just think it's been a bit too commercialized and overdone. I love natural and sweetly romantic love. Nothing forced or too extravagant. Just a simple date night. With gifts :)

This year, Bluejay had some meetings all day so I volunteered to plan our Valentine's date. A few years ago, Bluejay spent the summer in India and ever since has had a never ending craving for Indian food! Good thing we are both big fans of that yumminess. We have often driven past Namaste Cafe in Uptown and I kept thinking, that place is so cute and that we should go there sometime. This was that time! We walked hand in hand through the bright lights of the city and shared some Lamb Mamacha and the Hot and Tangy Land with Potatoes. Scrumptious! My favorite part was finishing of the meal with Coconut Chai.
We took some fun Valentine's photos with heart shaped bokeh. 
When we got home there was a single white rose and red rose petals on the floor of our apartment and a "coupon" to pick out a locket together on I got Bluejay a LA Dodgers hat because Ca is our home away form home and he looks so gosh darn adorable in a baseball hat! On our way home we stopped at Redbox to grab a couple movies (The Social Network and Buried- still so very stressed by that one!), so we spent the rest of the night in our PJs, snuggling on the couch, and holding hands. The best Valentine's date!
(Note- this isn't the locket from Bluejay... it's coming. But my sister gave me this necklace for my birthday and I think it's really cute!)

In other news, I'm having my hair dyed tonight, but haven't decided what to do. Thoughts?