California Here I Come!

I'm leaving (on a jet plane... don't know when I'll be back again!) for over a week for Ca again! I'm excited for a much needed time of visiting family and equally as important, SUNSHINE and WARMTH!!! I'm putting snowy Mn behind me, and putting on my flip flops and sundresses. While Mn winters can look super lovely, the harsh reality is that they are frigid and last far too long. That being said, here are some fun photos I took during a recent snow storm while driving to a photo session location out in the "boonies". 
Yes! Those are two little deer hiding in the thicket. Wow, typing "thicket" made me really think of Bambi. I kinda want to cry...

This is what I'm looking forward to: flip-flops, sitting outside at a cafe, sunglasses, outdoor markets, sundresses, lightly sunburned shoulders, dipping my feet in the pool, laughing with my mom and sister, and big hugs from my dad. 
Unfortunately, Bluejay isn't coming with me. He'll be in Florida with the baseball team from the college we are ministering at. We'll be on opposite US coasts. Apart. For two weeks! *tear* He's my buddy and I'll miss him dearly. Love you, Bluejay!