Oh where, oh where has my Bluejay gone?

Yesterday, Bluejay left me. For two whole weeks! We've never been apart for more than a few days. He helps coach the baseball team at the College we do ministry at. For spring break, the team goes down to Florida for spring training. So Bluejay went with them. I found myself the most productive I'd ever been last night! I finished editing three session, I pre-blogged three entries, I cleaned (like deep cleaned) our entire apartment, and I crafted some cute headbands. But when it was time to go to bed, I got sad. There was no one to hold my hand as I fell asleep! So I left some of Bluejay's piles of laundry on his side of the bed. That way it kinda smelled like him and the piles made it seem like a person was laying next to me. Oddly comforting. Poor Bluejay, however, spent the night sleeping watching movies on the iPhone by his suitcase in the Orlando Airport. I wrapped some little gifts and put them in his suitcase so that he has little notes and fun things while we're apart. I plan on being the dorky girl with headphones on talking to her iPhone for the next two weeks. So if you see me, don't say hi. I'm FaceTiming my man!

In other news, I'm looking forward to a weekend away at a cabin with some girlfriends. Two of them have little tiny bambino's, so I'll probably get my hug quota in from them since Bluejay is gone. Then on Monday I am flying to California for a visit to my parents! Yay!
(I think he looks kind of like a gym teacher. The kind of gym teacher I would have had a crush on in Elementary School. I told him it was a compliment. Kinda.)