Permission & Forgiveness

It is beyond pretty here! From every window of my parents home, I see rolling green hills, snowy mountains, row after row of palm trees. It will definitely be difficult to board a plane home next week knowing the destination will be brown and sloshy from melting snow. So I've decided to make every moment here in the sunshine count! 
Views like these are just so lovely! This is down the street from my parents. I couldn't quite find the right location to catch a good view. Then I saw a picturesque spot between two houses. After taking the above photos, a man walked out to the cul du sac and in a concerned voice, inquired of what I was taking photos. I told him I was from out of town and we don't have snowy mountains in Mn. He was not satisfied with that answer. He proceeded to tell me he was a Federal Agent and that there were probably people in this world who wanted him dead! An intense awkward feeling flooded over me as he asked to see the photos I has taken. Once convinced I was just  a silly little photographer from the Midwest, he told me about a couple neat locations to take photos of the mountains, and walked away. I took the little walk of shame down the street with my cheeks flaming red from embarrassment. When I called Bluejay he told me that he always knew my philosophy of "it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission" would get me in trouble. I feel like I'm now on some Nation-wide list of people to "watch"!