Redlands, Ca Orange Groves

Redlands, Ca has been known for it's scenic landscape views and row after row of luscious orange groves for years! I discovered my love for this place two years ago when my parents moved there. Bluejay and I joke that we have a vacation home in Southern California because of how often we like to visit. We stopped at my favorite grove in hopes of catching some beautiful shots of the Orange trees and snow capped mountains in the distance, but the peaks were covered by clouds. It must have been snowing up there. So, instead, my sister and I did a mini photo shoot amongst the trees.

Meet Stacey. Many of my brides and grooms will know her so much better after this year because she will be my second shooter for their weddings! I'm so excited! Stacey is so artistic and will bring a fresh perspective. She is always laughing or telling a joke; she's one of the most full of joy people I have ever met. She is a beautiful graphic designer. She is actually  in the process of starting a freelance graphic design company called Plaid Poppy. We'll work hand in hand and soon be offering custom wedding invitations, wedding websites, and photo albums. I'll keep you posted on her website and information! In the meantime, meet my adorable sister!
She took some photos of me. While, true to the nature of most photographers, I'd prefer be BEHIND the camera rather that in FRONT of the camera, I really like these photos! It's actually fun to have photographic proof I was apart of the trip instead of knowing I'm the one taking the photos.