Santa Monica, Ca

Last summer, my sister, Stacey, lived in Santa Monica, Ca. Even though my parents live an hour away, each week, my mom made the trek over to see Stacey. She figured driving an hour to see her daughter was way better than flying four hours to see her. So she took advantage of it! Needless to say, they both knew the sweetest places to show me in Santa Monica. I think that Main Street might be my favorite! We had lunch at this little Panini place that has a gorgeous outdoor patio. Stacey saw Boone from Lost eating here last summer!
We walked around the town and window shopped at the cute little storefronts. It is so nice to have such a pretty sister to take photos of around the town!
My lovely dates for the day!
It was super foggy, even after noon! But we went down to the beach anyway because we heard that the waves were "gnarly". After two mins of standing on the shore, the sun burst through and burned up the fog! So off we ran to grab our beach towels and longboards!