Nolan {ducklings}

Baby Nolan is the tiniest baby boy I have photographed to date! He surprised his parents by arriving two weeks early and weighing only six pounds and some odd ounces. He was such a good boy who was snuggly and sleepy at just the right times and opened his eyes right on cue. Of all the different services hopefeathers photography provides, photographing babies and children is by far my favorite! Who doesn't love seeing their little ones so quiet and perfectly still when in reality we know that isn't always the case. Mom, Dad, I hope that you enjoy these sleeping baby photos of Nolan when you are doing your middle of the night feedings! He's going to grow up so fast!
Newborns crack me up because they can't quite focus their eyes yet, creating several cross-eyed photos! I keep giggling at Nolan's face in this one!