Evelyn {ducklings}

Evelyn is the daughter of our dear friends Eric and Holly. She is just so cute! Eric and Holly are also on staff with Campus Outreach and they are in our Married Couples small group. This means that every Sunday, we all get together, share a meal, and talk about how the Gospel works itself out in our marriages. It's a really sweet and sanctifying time. We love it! Evey is one of Bluejay's favorite kiddos. When she was smaller, he used to hold her in the air with her legs dangling and say, "run, run, run!" as she shrieked with laughter and wiggled her legs as if she were running. This totally makes sense because Holly was a really gifted track and cross country runner in college. It's in the genes!

I truly love this kiddo. I love how easy she smiles and laughs. I love her three teeth. I love her tiny baby hugs. I love when she blows kisses. She's just adorable! Evey had a blast during our session. She loved having a bit of freedom after being cooped up all winter. She explored the front and back yard of their house with utter glee! This totally made my job fun and easy! One of my favorite parts of these photos is that in 90% of them, the knees of her white tights are muddy and full of grass stains. She was so happy that she would laugh and run, and then fall and laugh. Then she'd get up and do it all over again! I'm smiling from the memory even as I type!

Holly and Eric- thanks for letting me capture some fun photos of Evey. Hope you like them! See you down in South Carolina in just a few days!!!