Staff Babies

Down here at The Summer Training Project, we get to hang out and enjoy the other Staff in ways that we don't get to back in Mn. We go on double dates and play with their kids. It's really fun! In fact, there are eight little girls ages three and under here! That's a lot of pigtails, pink dresses, and pretending to be princesses. Little girls are so sweet. I am actually leading two college students in a photography internship this summer, so I thought it would be really fun to teach them what a kids portrait session looks like. So we took seven of the eight girls (poor Sophie wasn't feeling well) out to the beach for a mini session. Any photographer can tell you that photographing children can be quite the work-out. This was like running a 5k! The cutest and most entertaining 5k ever! The kiddos loved playing in the sand and salty waves. Not one of them was afraid of the ocean! Which must keep their mommies on edge with a watchful eye. I love that they all started off with the cutest little sundresses and as the session went on, their little personalities came out and they all somehow ended up dirty, soaking wet, and running around in their panties! So cute!
 Annie and Maddox and best friends and live across the street from each other. So they are pretty much like sisters.
 Callie playing in the sand. She's going to be a big sister this fall!
 Baby Lucy is Annie's little sister.
 This is Lillian. I'm jealous of her adorable red hair!
 Lillian and Eleanor are such cute sisters! 
 Eleanor was all smiles!
Remember Evelyn? Here she is playing with Lillian!
 Annie has the most beautiful long blond hair for being only 2 years old! She is also quite the free spirit and was the first of the girls to strip down to her panties. She was ecstatic to be "naked and playing in the water" which she told me repeatedly. So cute!
 Aw! Sister love :)