Josh & Brittany {turtledoves}

Josh and I grew up going to the same church. Since he and my little sister are the same age, I believe that I have known him since he was in elementary school! It's crazy to think that now he is a husband to dear, sweet Brittany! I feel so old! It was such a pleasure to shoot a wedding at my old church. The memories flooded over me the second we walked in the doors. Stacey and I loved seeing familiar faces of our parents' friends who came as guests. It was a beautiful summer wedding. Even though it was June, it was probably the first "summery" feeling day of the summer we have had in MN. Perfect!

Josh and Brittany. Thanks for including me in your special day. It was so lovely to watch you guys interact throughout the day and look at each other with such deep love in your eyes! Congrats on your marriage! God Bless!