Brook & Kevin {turtledoves}

I had been looking forward to Brook & Kevin's wedding all year! Especially after we did their engagement photos. They literally smiled and laughed the entire time! I love happy couples. Plus, I knew that their wedding would be full of all the anthropologie-esqu details I adore. Brook is crafty like that. I also was awaiting the exciting news of where they were headed for their honeymoon. Kevin was planning a secret honeymoon for the two of them. All he told her was that she needed a passport, and to pack for warm weather. Brook mentioned at the engagement session that she kept trying to figure out where they were going. Her "hunch" was Greece. Well, the morning of their wedding, Kevin announced that they were going to go to Spain! This was the exciting moment Brook was waiting for. Then, poor Kevin had to tell her that they WERE going to go to Spain, BUT because of Hurricane Irene, their flight from NYC to Spain was cancelled! Talk about a HIGH and then a low. But she took it in stride. I'm possitive that they enjoyed their honeymoon in a cottage in Michigan simply because they were together and enjoying their new marriage. These two certainly don't need a romantic location to set the mood.

Brook and Kevin, I was so honored to be a part of your day! It was lovely and so much fun. I hope married life is just as sweet as you hoped. Love ya! God bless :)
 Kevin wrote Brook a little card for her to read before they saw each other. I don't know what it said, but everyone had tears in their eyes as we watched her read it.
 For some reason, all the groomsmen had trouble with their suspenders. Kevin went around and helped all the guys figure them out haha.
 First look. So sweetly emotional.
 My sister, Stacey, helps me shoot every wedding. Not only that, but she is also a very talented Graphic Designer. She recently started a business called Plaid Poppy Designs. She worked with Brook to create the most adorable wedding invitations and programs ever! She is super talented! Seriously, if you need someone to design your wedding invitations, look Plaid Poppy Designs up!
 Brook's Dad surprised her and everyone else by "changing" the father/daughter dance song to something more upbeat. They he danced around his daughter as she died with laughter. Then the DJ changed the song back to what was originally planned. It was so funny.
 Lets just say, of all the wedding dances I've photographed. This was the most fun! Partially because I knew so many of the guests, but mostly because everyone was having a blast and dancing up a storm!