Finley {ducklings}

I have had the lovely pleasure of watching Finley grow up this past year. From this tiny little peanut, to this smiley baby, and now this toddling giggling one year old girl! We had the most wonderful weather last weekend, so it made perfect sense to shoot Finley's one year old photos in their back yard. Finley's mom had some vintage toys from her childhood that we had to incorporate in the session like the piano and radio flyer wagon. We even had Finley's best friend join us for a few photos. But, canine best friends aren't always the most calm around new people so we only got a couple shots. It has been so fun to watch Finley grow up and change throughout this year. I love her feisty personality! Mom and Dad, you will have your hands full someday, if you don't already!
 I love that her tongue is sticking out in the right photo. She looks like she's intently reading that mini book!
 Best Friends!
 Apparently, Byerly's will give you a free cake for your first birthday! How cool is that? So, of course we had to let Finley devour her first pink birthday cake! I think she enjoyed it :)
This is Finley showing off one of her new "tricks". She loves to clap and wave, but also to do "Monster Baby" where she flexes her tiny muscles and says "grrrr". It is pretty adorable!