Sam & Jenna {turtledoves}

Last fall, I mentioned to a friend how much I would LOVE to photograph an Indian wedding! I just love the bright colors! She said that one of her good friends was getting married... and he was Indian! So when I received an email from Sam and Jenna, I was thrilled! I have loved getting to know them these past couple months. Jenna is so sweet and kind. She is the type of girl who would drop anything to comfort a friend. Sam is fun loving and spontaneous. He had us "break in" to one of his old college buildings (he actually still had the key) so that we could take engagement photos on the roof! He's a rebel. It was awesome! I knew their wedding was going to be lovely, but I had no idea how much fun we'd have! Take a look...
Their first look was so sweet and emotional. Even I teared up a bit!
This was one fun bridal party! I mean, how fantastic to the bridesmaids look in their turquoise sari's? And the flower girl and ring bearer? So adorable!!!
(Proof to follow).
As a unique way to introduce the bride & groom to the reception, the bridal party performed a dance reenacting the couple's love story. Jenna's sister played her, and Sam's brother played him. It was like watching a Bollywood movie! It couldn't have been more perfect!