Santa Cruz, Ca

Last month Bluejay and I went to CA to visit my parents. My sister, Stacey had just returned from a summer in the Middle East, so we had several Starbucks dates to catch up and hear all about the trip!
We got to meet up with one of Stacey's best friends who recently move from MN to CA. We went to The Grove where we actually ran into Ruppert Grint several times. So cool!
Me, Stacey and my cousin, Julie, at our favorite cafe in Santa Cruz! It has the best view!
My mom and grandma are so adorable!
Bluejay and I spent our third anniversary in California. While we got to have a fun getaway in Palm Springs a few days later, we celebrated the evening of our anniversary with family at one of my favorite places in Northern California. The Stanford Theatre! Plus, they were showing two of my favorite movies! Roman Holiday and Sabrina! It was wonderful.