Baby Adelaide (ducklings}

This was the first newborn session I have done since Bluejay and I found out we're expecting! So, it's an understatement to say I was excited for this shoot. Adelaide is so tiny and sweet and soft and warm. Everything a newborn should be! Her big brother, Sheppard, was so very proud to show me "his baby" when I got to their house. Baby Addie was really alert and awake at first, so we got some fun photos with her eyes open. After a quick snack, she was as sleepy as can be and put up with all our hats and bows and different positions. She was wonderful! I quickly fell in love with her. I really can't say how excited I am for our own baby to come! He/she will be the most photographed kid ever! For now, enjoy these photos of a blissfully sleeping adorable newborn. Congrats Cornell Family, she's quite the doll!