Have a Holly, Johnson Christmas - 2011

As soon as it snows each December, I drag Bluejay out into the blistering MN cold to take Christmas photos with me (2010, 2009). This year it snowed a few inches in early Dec. It was pretty, but the weather quickly warmed up and the snow began to look dingy and dirty as it melted. I figured, since we had a 18' blizzard last December, that we would have another chance at a white Christmas, meaning snowy Christmas photos. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's been so warm and rainy the past week that some of the grass has begun to get green once again! So here we are, a week before Christmas, and it's brown and ugly outside. We made the best of it and got inspired by a cute vintage Christmas Tree sign at a nursery by our place. Then we found a scrawny Charley Brown-like pitifully small tree that we decorated. Sometimes when things don't go exactly how you plan, they end up even more fun! Honestly, it doesn't matter if the weather is lovely and snowy or not. I love these photos because they are the memories of our last Christmas of just Bluejay and me before Baby Bird comes!

On Saturday we leave for Christmas in Ca. I originally thought it would be strange to have Christmas without snow, but now I'm thinking that we may see more snow on the mountains on the horizon at my parents home in Yucaipa, Ca than we ever would have here! Plus it will be lovely to "waddle" my preggo self around without wearing a million layers and trying not to slip on ice.
Talk about windchill! It was freezing!
 Baby Bird's first Christmas ornament!