Stacey {sparrows}

My sister, Stacey, called me last minute the other night with a two fold purpose. She wanted to come over and get her baby fix by snuggling my two week old daughter, Vivienne, and to get a couple portraits taken. She needed a few portraits for her senior show bio blurb. Of course she is lucky to have a professional photographer for a sister AND to have such an adorable new niece (more photos of her to come). We had about 4 minutes to take these photos before the sun went down. There is a lovely blooming cherry tree in front of our place, so we used that as a backdrop and ended up with some really cute photos. The light was so delicious you would have no idea that we were on a busy street lined with parked cars! Proof, once again, that location doesn't matter nearly as much as lighting! P.S. isn't Stacey just the cutest? She's so fun and full of laughter. I love her!