Vivienne {ducklings}

One of my favorite things about photographing newborns is capturing their personality! Most people think that tiny babies just eat, sleep and poop. And while that is mostly true, each baby is so unique and it comes out in their photos. I especially love editing newborn sessions. The more time I spend looking at their sweet little faces, the more I fall in love with my client's tiny ones. Now I have my own tiny baby to photograph! I love snuggling Vivienne and taking care of her and kissing her tiny cheeks, but there is something so fun about having some freeze frame photos of her lovely sweet little self that melts my heart and makes me fall even deeper in love with her. Plus she has quite the personality! She is always making us laugh with her goofy faces and she loves to smile (not sure if they are real smiles or just gas, but she loves to do it).

These photos have been a work in process. A newborn session usually takes a couple hours because of the diaper changing, the posing, the feeding and the rocking to sleep. Imagine how much harder it is to do all that AND be the one taking the photos! Especially after giving birth via c-section. The day that we did the photos in the mailbox, I just let her nap inside the mailbox when we were done taking photos because I didn't want to disturb her once again by taking her out! We've done a little bit here and there instead of one session devoted to Vivie's newborn photos. One day I was concerned that I'd miss getting photos of her at this age because she was a little uncooperative one day and my mom said, "That's ok. Just take more photos tomorrow. You own her!" So true! So good luck, little miss Viv! You're a photographer's daughter... that means that everyday is a photo shoot day!!!
I made this tiny hat because I thought it would be colder when Baby Bird was born, she's only worn it for photos because it's been so warm!
 Mid sneeze
 I also made this tiny hat. Viv looks like a boy in these photos so...
 ... I gave her a flower to make her more girly!