Baby Maxwell {ducklings}

One of my favorite photography packages that I offer is the "Baby's first year" package! So many changes occur in the first year of a baby's life. I am witnessing first hand that my own three month old daughter is doing something new every day! So it's totally worth it to have maternity, newborn, six month and one year photos of your baby. That's why I'm so glad that Greg and Laura decided to document the first year of their baby's life with me.

If you remember, Greg and Laura didn't know who was in her tummy! Turns out that it was a baby boy! His name is Max. He is adorable. He was the most well behaved little baby model I have had to date! He feel instantly into a deep sleep, posed beautifully, and didn't have a single accident until seconds after our last photo! It was a doozie, but we were all done!

Greg and Laura - congrats on your little guy! He's too cute! I hope these little photos of him sleeping bring you joy and comfort on the many sleepless nights ahead. Congrats to your little family!