Addie {ducklings}

I love seeing how quickly babies grow! It's are to believe that this tiny little newborn is now almost 9 months old! Addie is now pulling herself up and standing. So amazing! Crazy summer schedules, uncooperative weather, and my "mommy brain" in forgetting a memory card (ugh!) caused Addie's 6 months photos to come a little late. I'm glad we finally got a chance to do them. She is such a spunky little girl who was so precious in her little pink outfits. Contrast that to her big brother Shep who was playing with sticks and looking a frogs and I'd say that their parents are going to have their hands full! While this photo session was technically for baby Addie, when she had her wardrobe change, I couldn't help but take a few photos of Shep as well. Such cute kids with the best long dark eyelashes! They even made me jealous!